Harvesting Quality since 1989

Tawoos Agricultural Systems LLC, an enterprising idea that took its root in 1989 is a market driven company with a clear vision- "high yield, low cost per pert unit of production of crops meeting stringent international standards." Today that vision is reflected in its meticulously managed indigenous operation that includes growing, grading, packing and shipping.

The company's main farming operation is located at a 320-hectare site near Sawadi on Oman's Batinah Coast, 80 kilometers northwest of Muscat. The company has the infrastructure and experience to produce a large variety of vegetables, which are sold in Oman, Gulf and certain niche markets in Far East and Europe. Production output has grown from 2000 tons in the early years of the project to 20,000 tons now.

Farming With Care

The company produces maximum crop yields that are compatible with what in the agricultural trade are called "Good Agricultural Practices". This means applying the farming methods that bring maximum yields from fixed land areas and the fixed amount of water. This means economic benefit to shareholders and benefits to the environment through producing more food products on less land.

The production capability of land and water is preserved through crop rotation, ploughing down of crop residues, protecting the land from harmful buildups of soil pests and prevention of wind erosion.

The Company ensures judicious and safe use of seeds, fertilizers and crop protection chemicals the meet international safety and cleanliness standards.

Growing for the Most Demanding Customers

Tawoos Agricultural Systems LLC pride itself on quality, service and trust. Our Corporate culture allows us to remain close to our employees and ensure timely delivery of top-quality produce at competitive prices. Our premium products are sold under an ISO 9001-2000 certified "DESERT MAGIC" brand.

Our Quality Produce - Beans, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrots (Nantes/Imperator), Baby Carrots, Chinese Cabbage, Iceberg Lettuce Potatoes, Colour Pepper (Bell Pepper), Tomatoes- Cherry, Roma, Baby and Bunch, Melons, Sweet Pepper Pumpkins, etc.

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Key Personnel

Mr. Babu Samuel
General Manager

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