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Tawoos LLC was established in 1982 by His Highness Sayyid Shabib bin Taimur Al Said. Initially the company concentrated on trading interests in the defence and hydrocarbon industries, but gradually the focus turned towards developing businesses to meet the rapidly growing service sector.

The organisation grew by the adoption of foreign business ideas and management and then converting this foreign expertise into locally-based management to reduce costs and improve local effectiveness. Today elements of the Tawoos Group have evolved into the largest entities in the service sector.

The Conglomerate established companies in various fields, including agriculture, education, training, medical and pharmaceutical, oil and petrochemical, media services, leisure and entertainment, industrial catering, operations & maintenance, computer hardware, software & communications, Energy and Marine and shipping.

In 1996, Tawoos was the first family-owned company to seek a public listing on the Muscat Securities Market, via an IPO for some of its companies which were grouped under a Holding Company called Renaissance Holdings SAOG, now known as Renaissance Services SAOG. The company has grown by focussing its efforts on providing cost effective, quality services to international standards. Most group companies have ISO accreditation to as well as other industry recognized achievement and quality standards.

The Tawoos Group companies are managed on an interdependent basis with all day-to-day operational decisions resting with respective General Mangers. Corporate level activities and thus overhead charges are kept to a minimum, this has been translated into their competitive edge.


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