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Founded by H H Sayyid Shabib bin Taimur Al Said, Tawoos Group is a family office established over 40 years ago and is among the largest conglomerates in Oman. The Group has continuously evolved and diversified its portfolio of operating businesses by combining courage and prudence, educated foresight and solid thinking to capitalise on new opportunities and growth areas that has maximised value for all its stakeholders including investors, employees, customers, the community and the nation.

After partially divesting its services businesses in 1996, the Tawoos Group focused on its strategic businesses in agriculture, power and telecom, energy, defense, hospitality and training sectors.

Today the Group continues to be dynamic and forward-looking. The Group is building its core strategic businesses while diversifying its investments into premium real estate development, global capital markets, private equity and venture capital. 

In 1982 His Highness Sayyid Shabib bin Taimur Al Said founded the Tawoos Group as a family business to support the diversification of the Omani economy away from the dependency of oil and gas.

With his half-brother, Samir Fancy, their initial aim was to find the right growth areas to match the organization’s capabilities while building an operation which would employ global best practices to nurture Omani talent. 


When the Group was taking shape during the 80s, Oman was a young, emerging nation and major projects were underway to build the economy that needed to be serviced and supported. The Tawoos Group selected sectors such as industrial catering and services, oil services, financial services and technology. The favorable regional demographics and geopolitics supported the Group’s entry into markets for agriculture, education and training, and defense procurement as solid options for lasting businesses.

In the early 90s the Group jointly established the first privately-owned power plant in Oman with the Belgian company, Tractabel. The successful US$250mn project became a public company and the Group exited the venture in 2003.

In 1995 it was decided to take some of the home-grown Tawoos Group service companies to the market through a holding company structure. Renaissance Services SAOG had a resoundingly successful IPO and demonstrated how to take a family-run company to the next level.