Oman's New Era of Urban Excellence

One of our core values is creating value for the communities we serve, driving us to pursue real estate projects that elevate Oman's quality of life and economic promise. Our vision targets Oman's premier developments across commercial, residential, and retail sectors, focusing on sustainability, innovation, and excellence. The successful development and then sale of Hotel La Falaise Dinard in France exemplifies our ability to transcend local boundaries, showcasing our commitment to excellence in the international real estate arena. Leveraging our expertise and strategic partnerships, we aim to deliver properties that resonate with the aspirations of our customers and stakeholders, making real estate development our passion and legacy.

Building on this commitment, Tawoos Group has entered into a significant relationship with the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development for a landmark development in the highly anticipated Al Khuwair Downtown Project. Set on a 12,000 sqm land, it will feature two mixed-use towers that will incorporate offices, residential and retail.