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Samir J Fancy

Let me welcome you to the Tawoos Group. I hope you find in us, an environment where business is not just a deal but a commitment. And we are not just client and customer but "joint venture" partners.

Whilst you will get the opportunity to know about all activities at Tawoos from this web-site, let me talk a little about the management philosophy which has made us into the formidable business entity which we are today, placing us amongst the most respected and profitable business groups in Oman. 

I believe the dependence on conventional wisdom -on old antiquated methods- is the biggest potential threat to business today. Running a Company -or for that matter a Business Unit- is a constant process of breaking out of systems and challenging conditioned reflexes, of rubbing against the grain. People want to work, but policies and hierarchies suffocate them.

We encourage innovation in entrepreneurship and vision to achieve global dominance built around core competence. We encourage continuous product and technical innovation, customer orientation and focus on cost effectiveness.

The right mix of innovation and vision brings about innovision. This word will not be found in the dictionary because we have coined it.

Innovision means looking towards the future with a fresh and new perspective -The Tawoos Way.


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